Our investment offer

We offer Tunisian SMEs a differentiated financing tailored to their specific needs

Our investment criteria


Company profiles

  • Tunisian SMEs with strong potential
  • SMEs in growth, mature or transmission phase
  • Strong commitment to become institutionalized, to develop and/or to internationalize
  • SMEs operating in any sector except real estate and seaside tourism


Ticket size and investment period

  • Minimum of TND 5m per investment
  • Possibility to co-invest with other institutions
  • Investment period from 4 to 7 years


Proposed investment tools

  • Equity: cash-out or cash-in with minority or majority stake
  • Mezzanine or convertible financing in case of dilution constraints

Our target

Companies in different phases of life cycle and maturity for which we propose adequate financial structures

Development & organic growth
  • Development and modernization of the production equipment, distribution network, sales, logistics, etc
  • Financing of working capital requirement
  • Financing of R&D investments
Build-up &
external growth
  • Acquisition of a company, an activity, a patent, distribution channels
  • Integration of the value chain upstream/ downstream
  • Market shares increase and economies of scale
  • Expansion towards new markets
Consolidation & transmission
  • Buyouts in the context of transmission or rationalization of the business portfolio in a group companies (withdrawal of non-strategic activities)
  • Implementation of Management Buy-Out (MBO) or Management Buy-In (MBI) allowing existing or newly formed management teams to buy-back their/ a company
  • Financing of the restructuring/ development prior to an IPO
  • Rebalancing of the balance sheet
  • Financing of working capital requirement
  • Sale of non-strategic assets

Our contribution to the companies
in which we invest



  • Identification of opportunities for growth, margin improvement and implementation of development strategies
  • Optimization of the HR organization
  • Implementation, when needed, of governance and reporting practices in line with international standards
  • Implementation, when needed, of an IT system and improvement of control process, budget, etc


Funding and financial

  • Adequate funding in line with the company profile in terms of profitability, capacity to generate cash flows, etc
  • Optimization of balance sheet management with a focus on working capital and cash management as well as on capital structure optimization


Access to our business

  • Partnerships, markets: connection with potential interesting partners (clients/suppliers)
  • Human resources: helping to identify / recruit the best talents suiting the target’s needs
  • Fundraising: helping to access bank and/or external financing