Our investment offer

We offer Tunisian SMEs a differentiated financing tailored to their specific needs

Our investment criteria


Company profiles

  • Tunisian SMEs with strong potential
  • SMEs in growth, mature or transmission phase
  • Strong commitment to become institutionalized, to develop and/or to internationalize
  • SMEs operating in any sector except real estate and seaside tourism


Ticket size and investment period

  • Minimum of TND 5m per investment
  • Possibility to co-invest with other institutions
  • Investment period from 4 to 7 years


Proposed investment tools

  • Equity: cash-out or cash-in with minority or majority stake
  • Mezzanine or convertible financing in case of dilution constraints

Our target

Companies in different phases of life cycle and maturity for which we propose adequate financial structures

Development & organic growth
  • Development and modernization of the production equipment, distribution network, sales, logistics, etc
  • Financing of working capital requirement
  • Financing of R&D investments
Build-up &
external growth
  • Acquisition of a company, an activity, a patent, distribution channels
  • Integration of the value chain upstream/ downstream
  • Market shares increase and economies of scale
  • Expansion towards new markets
Consolidation & transmission
  • Buyouts in the context of transmission or rationalization of the business portfolio in a group companies (withdrawal of non-strategic activities)
  • Implementation of Management Buy-Out (MBO) or Management Buy-In (MBI) allowing existing or newly formed management teams to buy-back their/ a company
  • Financing of the restructuring/ development prior to an IPO
  • Rebalancing of the balance sheet
  • Financing of working capital requirement
  • Sale of non-strategic assets

ESG Approach

We are committed to supporting our portfolio companies in their efforts to foster positive change and sustainable impact on surrounding environment and local communities

growth, impact

We adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior and corporate governance and act only in full compliance with international laws and regulations. We invest in companies with high potential for sustainable development, economic inclusion, and impact on the Tunisian regions. With the intention of sustaining the economic fabric in Tunisia, we encourage our portfolio companies to work for human development through job creation and employment stability. We help them in strengthening their middle management and improving their internal governance.

Parity and professional
integration of women

We aim to act in favor of the professional integration of women in Tunisia by supporting companies that respect parity and envision to integrate more women in operational and managerial functions.

and ESG Approach

We are significantly attached to the protection of the environment and the implementation of initiatives to achieve sustainable outcomes. We provide our companies with all our resources to support them in innovating for sustainable development.

Our contribution to the companies
in which we invest



  • Identification of opportunities for growth, margin improvement and implementation of development strategies
  • Optimization of the HR organization
  • Implementation, when needed, of governance and reporting practices in line with international standards
  • Implementation, when needed, of an IT system and improvement of control process, budget, etc


Funding and financial

  • Adequate funding in line with the company profile in terms of profitability, capacity to generate cash flows, etc
  • Optimization of balance sheet management with a focus on working capital and cash management as well as on capital structure optimization


Access to our business

  • Partnerships, markets: connection with potential interesting partners (clients/suppliers)
  • Human resources: helping to identify / recruit the best talents suiting the target’s needs
  • Fundraising: helping to access bank and/or external financing